Water Logic + Mars In Scorpio

"mars in scorpio"Post traumatic stress is not “rational” but it has its own logic.

This evening I was making a decision. Trying to make a decision. Trying to force myself to make a decision other than the one I was making.

And then I stopped. And I thought to myself exactly what I’ve written here, for you. This is trauma. Trauma is not rational. But it’s okay. More than okay. Necessary. There are times to respect the trauma and what the trauma wants and go with it. It’s not weakness and it’s not crazy.

You bet this is on my mind due to my current not rational transits. And this is also on my mind because Uranus is direct now and Pluto is direct and they are a degree apart (squaring) and Mars is now in Scorpio and all this energy is heavy and deep and transformative and Mars’ extended stay through my Third House has got me thinking what this might be good for and I think it might be good for this. Writing about trauma and reckoning.

I remember Mars’ long stay in Virgo, my First House. I was at the gym a lot.

I remember Mars’ long stay in Libra. Lots of fights in my relationship. A Second House Mars transit could have you making money but also incurring expenses. Mars through the Fourth and you renovate. Or your appliances turn on you. Mars through the Fifth, you must create. Mars Sixth health and your job. Angry on the job. High blood pressure. And so on.

Think about it. What to DO with this energy. Mars DOES. Action. And in Scorpio the action is deliberate, not messy, not foolish. Mars in Scorpio thinks – but it’s primal instinctive thinking. You may think I’m contradicting myself here but I’m not. I swear! This is water logic. It too gets accused of not being rational.

Where is your Mars?