Want To Break Free? New Moon Solar Eclipse In Gemini

"new moon solar eclipse in gemini"Venus stations retrograde Tuesday morning, Big City time and THIS COULD BE IT — the love, the job – one more try.

Is there something or someone you’ve been waiting on? They comin’ back.

Full story won’t be told yet though. Don’t get ALL your hopes pinned on vacillating-like-a fan-in-the-window Venus in Gemini. She’s gonna waver just a wee bit more.

And then on Sunday Evening (again, Big City time :)) we have the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini, which is conjunct the transiting South Node in Gemini.

What is the missing piece of information you are needing? It exists. You will find it. Soon. And then, only then, will you KNOW.

The theme here, of course, is double, if not more. It’s time to let go says the South Node but also time to begin says the New Moon.

Isn’t that cool?


This week I get to see an old college friend and as I write this I remember that he’s a Gemini Sun. Don’t know the rest of his chart but he’s got to have some Cancer in there somewhere.

He’s a writer and there will be a reading and reception in his honor. He invited me and I fretted about going once I knew it was going to be… if not fancy… at least, well, respectable.

Whatever will I wear, I thought to myself in typical Venus square Saturn worry.

He wouldn’t let me refuse though. Told me I’d be gorgeous no matter what. I don’t want to let him down so I’ll show up in my Brooklyn finest which could be… anything clean 😉 and yes I am Sun Mercury Mars in Cancer so… no turtlenecks 🙂 Cancer rules the breasts.


On the train I had written an anti-Mother’s Day blog post. Not that I have anything against Mothers. I just hate the way the media and all social networking is taken over by one side of the story. Most people I know have conflicted relationships with their mothers. I also know women who struggle with being a mother or women who chose not to have children, etc… How about a day for that? Ambivalent Mother Day! 

This is what I had written in my little notepad: “You won’t find any Mother’s Day Greetings here. This is the spot for you if your mother is dead or if she hates you or hits you, and all the other mothery complications that exist. There are many.

Welcome to MoonPlutoLand. If mother’s day hurts you in any way, if you are grieving or confused or ambivalent or angry or just hate holidays, then come inside and put your burdens down. Use this day and the upcoming eclipse to break free.”

Jupiter rules my 4th House. Make it big, baby. And make it better. To paraphrase William Carlos Williams, “You are the happy genius of your household.”

May we all find our True Moon, our True Home, forever.

Happy Day To All Those Who Are Alive At This Time And Don’t Mind It So Horribly Much

Love, MP

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Yes, I will be doing Mini-Readings (or my usual longer ones) for the New Moon Solar Eclipse! Late Taurus/Early Gemini very important! 

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