Wanna Dance? Venus and Mercury in Sagittarius

Madonna has Sun in Leo

Why does everything take so long?  I mean a lifetime and shit. Why is that? Fate? The chart? Free will and bad habits?

Venus and Mercury in Sagittarius make me think of freedom and how we free ourselves from blocks and fears (hello Saturn).

I had lunch today with a friend in Koreatown and I asked him about fear of success. He said his partner, a Cancer Sun, like me, struggled with this. And my friend didn’t have an answer for why some people feel this way. He told me what I sometimes tell clients: ask the question (before meditation, for example) and listen for the answer. Receive it.

I feel grateful today. And a little sad. And more patient than usual and in awe of what does and does not happen as I wonder how much of our lives are within our control, within our understanding.

I counsel others to work with the energy instead of struggling against it. How do you want to do the Sagittarius energy now? What would make sense in your life? What do you need to explore?

Here’s a question: people who are looking for love. How do you work with THAT energy if you have years of loss and heartbreak behind you.

I told someone yesterday to Never Give Up and I am feeling some of this myself these days which I think is that famous Sagittarius horizon-thinking. Also my Saturn transit which is working me.

By transit, Saturn will conjunct my Jupiter and Jupiter will conjunct my Saturn: the bumper cars of fate and freedom.

So think of Venus and Mercury in Sagittarius as cheering you on towards The Whole Damn Thing. What choice do you have?

It takes so much to survive this physical life. Take the good where you can and when you can. And then take some more. That thing that you want that you don’t have? Yeah, I know ALL about that but the Sun in Scorpio wants you to get on intimate terms with your desires and Sagittarius wants you to know your story and tell your story. Live it.

I was on the train when I wrote this solemn-ish post and a Madonna song came on my iPod. I wasn’t in the mood, but I left it because that’s the season now: part Scorpio, part Sagittarius.  First, go deep. And then? Dance.

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