Void Of Course Moon Do’s and Don’ts

"void of course moon"

What is a Void of Course Moon anyway?

It’s when the Moon won’t make another major aspect as it moves through the sign that it’s in. Once it gets to the next sign, it is no longer Void of Course.

And while the Moon is VoC, we’re supposed to “turn inwards.” We’re supposed to… not start anything new. And if we do start anything new, the result could be less than we want.

I was talking to a friend of mine, a fellow astrologer, and he said to me: “Moon’s Void of Course! Not doing any work!”

Well, I have Moon in Virgo. Easier said than done AND YET the readings I did today were “finishing” readings or “in process, in progress.” They weren’t new readings started. Didn’t do this on purpose but… turns out I was following Void of Course Moon wisdom.

I was also, this morning, re-posting blog posts. Didn’t have time to write anything new so once again I was aligned with the energy, completely unintentionally.

Now I’ve never tested the Void of Course Moon. I’ve never gone against the “rules” just to see what would happen. And today my friend alluded to something that he clearly wants to tell me but said “Nope. Moon is Void of Course.”

If we try to… make/take action… it just won’t go as planned. Think High Priestess not the Magician for a Void of Course Moon. Not the time to master energy.

Now they do say that it’s a good time for psychic stuff, spiritual matters but if you are getting all psychic and spiritual to achieve something, well, expect a different result.

Do you follow the Moon cycle? 


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