Virgos, Your Time Is Coming!

"General Hospital"
Rick Springfield has Sun in Virgo!

Is it too soon to talk about Virgo Season? I don’t think so 🙂 Virgos are early-birds (well, there are exceptions to the rule but…) I mean that Virgos tend to be a little bit wormy i.e. anxious. I have a Virgo Moon and I was telling someone the other day that I wake up thinking, wake up worried. Maybe from a bad dream or just imagining my list of things-to-do in my head. And then the sky starts falling. Now yes yes the Pluto conjunction to my Moon makes the Virgo side all the more relentless.

Last night I was doing some Cancer weeping and whining to this same friend and I could feel a Virgo Moment coming on. I was about to get all analytical and I asked his permission for the shift and he said “Do I have a choice?” 😉 No, fellow stargazer, he did not 🙂

So, Virgos, your time is coming! Yes I know the Sun won’t slide into hand-wringing meticulous, intensely service-minded, profoundly loving and caring (how we forget about that part) Virgo.

Mercury already spent a teeny bit of time in Virgo and retrograded back in Leo and speaking of Leo: did you learn any Leo lessons? Did you study your Leo house? What it means and any planets there, any aspects made? You still have time to do this. Please do this before Virgo takes her seat and Leo 2011 is gone forever.

So when Virgo Season beings, really begins, find the Virgo house(s) in your chart and clean it (just kidding) and you will see where Virgo will light up your life 🙂  And organize your life. And make a list of your life. And do the right thing. And give ’til it hurts. And ground you to a fine powder 😉 Virgos are detail people. Their minds are like knives. People say that Scorpios are the psychological surgeons of the Zodiac but have you ever spent time in close quarters with a Virgo? They don’t mean to annoy. They just want precision, and what’s so bad about that? 😉 It’s not to control; it’s to help! Really!

Ultimately Virgo longs for perfection and it’s a sad longing because they’ll never get there. Hug your Virgo and tell them it’s okay to be human and that they’ve done a good job. Hug your Virgo and tell them all is well. Hug your Virgo and tell them: look! Look at Sagittarius leaping over mountains and Look! Pisces is flowing like a river and Look! Gemini? Too busy to worry!

The message is often the same, but bears repeating: Virgo may appear to merely serve the kingdom, rather than rule it, but we all know the truth.

See ya next year, Leo 😉

A post like this merely scratches the Virgo surface. But I’d like to go a bit deeper. More to come…

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