Virgos Take Cover! Moon In Sagittarius Square Everything

Dear Virgos,

Take it easy tomorrow. Stay out of harm’s way. Avoid annoying people. Do what you need to do. Don’t be too hard on yourself (ha!). And if you have any other advice, you are welcome to share it because Virgo will need it.

Virgo gets t-boned tomorrow and this isn’t heavy hard energy like a Saturn crush or Plutonian renovation transformation…

What it is is LIGHT. You can’t catch it. You can’t stop it. And Virgo, earth sign, sign of details and worry and PROOF,  is not light. This is how tomorrow could feel to a Virgo: like someone is tickling you and that one is poking you with a pencil and that one is talking too loud and that one is wearing a dirty shirt and it’s Just Not Virgo Heaven.

Virgos will feel extra fussy. Virgos will feel entitled and they are on this day. The best thing you can do for you Virgo is to leave him/her alone. Don’t poke the Virgin (Sorry. Bad joke.)


The Good News: the Moon in Sagittarius will trine Uranus in the wee hours! Going on a trip? Could be great!

But then the Moon in Sagittarius will square Venus in Pisces. And oppose Jupiter in Gemini. And square Chiron and Mercury and the Sun. Venus will also square Jupiter. And the Sun will conjunct Mercury.

My advice for this day is to let the Virgo win. No teasing. Do things that Virgos (some, not all)  enjoy:  tell them they are right, tell them they are always right, thank them for their service, make a list of things to-do, putter, organize the desk, file the papers, analyze your faults, criticize your… faults, worry, and basically refuse to relax.

Actually… I think my Virgo description fits Virgo Rising more than Virgo Sun. I subscribe to the theory that the Rising Sign gives us an abundance of, as they say, lower vibration, and Virgo Suns to me, for some reason, although perhaps living in fear or self doubt, are able to better access the awesome Virgo good stuff, like their healing and intuitive abilities. Virgos know shit. Ask them a question. They will amaze and delight you.

Love, MP


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