How to be a Virgo in 5 Easy steps! Okay, I’m teasing. Just a little. I’m trying to help a pal who has South Node in Pisces who wants to learn how to do her Virgo better. While I was on the road today, I jotted down some thoughts.

1. Make a list. Virgos love lists.

2. Start with something small. Virgo is all about the details, the finer print. Virgos see things even they don’t want to see.

3. Pick one thing in your life that you want to be Virgo about. Do this as an experiment, a way to touch your Virgo North Node. Virgo wants to be touched, despite any reputation for squeamishness. What do you want to improve? Virgo is all about self-improvement. Are you trying to get better somehow? At something? Striving to get it right right right? If not, then fake it for the experiment. It could be anything. My point here is that you were talking about wanting to make the ineffable concrete. Well, you can’t dream about it. You have to pick something and do something and learn by doing and from doing. So pick something.

4. Make a list

5. If I remember correctly, and I hope I do, your Virgo North Node is in your 3rd House. Well well well, your very thinking process is at stake here! South Node in the 9th doesn’t apply knowledge like North Node in the 3rd wants to and will.

Basically, my friend, you need to straighten out your clouds. Dust them. Rearrange them. Organize them. Clean them πŸ™‚ Separate the good clouds from the bad clouds from the not-so-sure clouds. Be critical. Be discerning. Err on the side of caution. Don’t leave it up to chance. Think about what time it is. Get annoyed when people are late. Expect reliability but know in your heart that they will let you down (awwwwww).

In Virgoland, criticism is free and work is plentiful. At dawn we rise and at dusk we rest. Everyday. We are rigid and we are happy to be rigid. And when someone comes along who tweaks our Virgosity? We smile, twitch our noses, and secretly thank our lucky stars. Virgo, if nothing else, is refined. Refine your thinking. Refine your mind. Refine that dreamy cloudy groovy South Node in Pisces with a practical experiment (as described above) and report back so we can Virgoize your findings. I have a feeling though that you are better at your North Node than you realize.

Please feel free to question or comment or tangent, etc. I want to help. I have North Node in Pisces.

Note to self: the road to hell is paved with Moon in Virgo self-criticism. Stay in bed as long as you want. Love, Your Cancer Sun.

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