Virgo The Destroyer (Ha!): More Thoughts On The Full Moon In Virgo

"full moon in virgo 2012"

Virgos tend to worry almost as much as Scorpios tend to test 😉

I am not a Virgo or a Scorpio but I am pondering the upcoming Full Moon in Virgo and wondering what the test will be and will I pass.

(The 3rd House rules written and oral tests, exams. Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo.)

Do you worry? Do you test? 

On this Full Moon in Virgo, what details will show themselves to you? Will it be about work? About your health?

The answer is more particular to your chart than in any Virgo keyword and yet…  Virgo must process. Virgo Moon must process the emotional life. Virgo Sun must process the personality, the ego.

What does it mean to process? My definition: to make sense of.

But also… to run it through the grinder. Pick it apart. Slice it up. Slice and dice. Keep some and toss the rest. Wheat from chaff, yo.

Too much Virgo can destroy. You don’t hear that said about Virgo that much but I believe it is true. You don’t hear Virgo the Destroyer but any Virgo knows they can be their own worst enemy. And if you have a Virgo in your life, know they hurt themselves way way more than they hurt you. They can’t help it. And yet they must master this reflex to critique, to pick and pull apart.

So for this Full Moon in Virgo consider mastering your own Virgo process which is wherever Virgo is in your natal chart.

Instead of grinding (a very Mars in Virgo image), consider consolidating, putting together, gluing yourself and others back up. Virgo heals.


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