Virgo Sermon For Virgo Season

I sometimes advise people to make ART, whether or not they are artists. To get the feelings out. To DO something.

But today I want to suggest FEELING the FEELINGS ,whatever comes up. Without reaching to FIX it. Or shape it. Without reaching to fix ANY of it. Even shame. Even horror. At your own behavior. At the behavior of others. Rage. Even joy. Feel it. And do nothing else.


The following is not addressed to any particular Virgo or even Sun in Virgo. I’ve worked with all kinds – and I have prominent Virgo in my own chart

Dear Virgo:

Stop seeking perfection. You won’t ever find it. Not the perfect relationship or perfect sex life or perfect job or perfect hour or perfect avocado.  It’s not possible. Other circumstances are possible but not perfection. Also it’s not your job. Leave perfection to God (insert name for your Higher Power here).

I’m in physical therapy for a chronic health matter. And the other day she told me I was being “too analytical.” Bordering on obsession. Her words. I have Moon conjunct Pluto in Virgo in the First House.  Really, Rebecca? So after I got over feeling vulnerable i.e. discovered, exposed by her observation, I realized what an awesome healer she is.

She very concretely instructed me how to change my behaviors as well as see the big picture long term in terms of progress and NOT obsess minute by minute. She was right.

Leave the analyzing to me, she said.

Leave the analyzing, leave the obsessing, leave the progress reports to your God. And then make time to listen to your God.

AND for the love of God, please stop fussing, fixing, correcting others, and then hating yourself for fussing, fixing, and correcting. You have enough to do already 🙂

There is something so much better waiting for you, dear Virgos, BETTER than any shiny perfection.

REAL LIFE. Messy, mucus filled, volatile, beautiful, excruciating, intimate, open REAL LIFE.


Love, MP


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