Virgo Moon Says: More Than One Feline Is Best

"full moon eclipse in libra" I feel like I lost track.

Maybe it was tunnel vision.

I was working on my site makeover (which you see here) and my taxes and I had some health issues in February and I want to visit my sister depending on health matters normalizing and… now what?

It was all these big projects. Do I now have the space to decide? Which one to approach? Or more than one?

What is the most important thing NOW? What is the priority, besides what is right in front of me, my clients, home…

Virgo usually sees what is right there and can miss the Big Picture. Saturn in Sagittarius is retrograde. Does that make our vision bigger or smaller?

Nothing settled.
The past is.
The present is.
The future is… ?

In between Eclipses. Jupiter goes direct just a few days after the Full Moon. We are hovering, neither here nor there.

I did a Celtic Cross for myself before taking a nap.

Nine of Wands was my outcome. “You will live to fight another day.”

Discipline. Courage. Strength. Looks like I’m not giving up.

Virgo Moon says:

If you are in the fight zone, you may need some extra rest. I suggest felines for this. And a comfortable mattress. And a good tea. More than one mattress, more than one tea. I’ve been making ginger infusions (although not before bed — ginger is stimulating) but drinking it until around this time (late afternoon). I also like more than one place to sleep. And more than one cat.

The Full Moon Eclipse on Saturday no doubt brings a resolution or ending to some part of your life and yet…? More question marks again.

I like these words from DJ Conway in her Moon Magick book:

In order to open a new door, we must close an old one. Often we know this must be done, but are at a loss of how to do it. This ritual will set the stage. Be prepared to take advantage of the opportunities that will present themselves.

Are you ready to close one door and open another? What will you do? 

"full moon eclipse in libra"