Virgo Moon And Her Sagittarius Friends

We completed week one of the Meditation Class and I’ve been doing my best to add an additional practice into my day.

I call it “noticing” or stopping. It’s just being mindful really but throughout the day, maybe a few times a day. Being conscious of where you are, who you are, what you’re doing. Taking some of that cell-phone-checking automatic-ness out of the daily routine.

And one thing I noticed was this terrible gap. That I would, could, stop and notice but that the gap, the space, terrified me. Empty. I wanted to put something in it. And I fought with myself: am I being a bad meditator if I do this? Does it make me weak? And then I realized I needed it. I NEEDED it. To fill that gap with something… affirming. A thought, a phrase. Because it felt too dark in there.

As I go back to edit this post I realize that this first section is *also* about Jupiter. Keep reading.


Tonight I was anxious about something and emailing a friend and I saw so clearly the difference between… Jupiter and everyone and everything else and this is on my mind because I KEEP FORGETTING that we have a third eclipse this spring in the early degrees of Sagittarius.

I was writing my friend from a scared place (the gap?) but his perspective was… not mine. How can I explain. I was writing him from crisis, preparing for the worst, doing a WHAT IF. But what he wrote back was, Well do nothing unless something really brilliant happens.

Sagittarius (optimism!) squares Virgo (doubt!) on the zodiac wheel. Planets that square (just like planets that oppose) need each other.

I predict there will be culmination, consummation where this eclipse lands in your chart. It’s meant to be though. Definitely meant to be. Your happiest ending so far.

Love, MP


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