Virgo Is In The Details


"Moon in Virgo"
Keith Richards: Virgo Moon, Sagittarius Sun

Little things make me happy. For example, my roommate buys the cheapest hand soap possible. We have dispensers in both the kitchen and the bathroom and she buys a huge jug of the shit and refills. She’s a quadruple Taurus and cares about the earth.

What bugs me though is that this cheap soap leaves a sticky film on my hands. I also like, when I can, to buy stuff that was made without animal testing so what I buy is not the cheapest but not so expensive either. She’s the earth girl. I’m the animal girl. Not so different?

Anyway, she’s been away and the soap in the bathroom ran out and I thought to myself: Self! This is the time! Buy the soap YOU like. Yesterday when I was at the store, I remembered this self-proclamation and didn’t find my preferred brand but found a new one to try and try it I have. And I love it. No sticky mess, smells nice, groovy color. Kind to animals.

And, I swear, I ENJOY washing my hands now. With her soap, washing hands is just something I do, something that has to be done. With my soap? It becomes PLEAZZZZZURE. As well, the bottle is pretty, so I get pleasure that way too.

All of this matters to me. All of this makes a difference. I have a Virgo Moon joined to Pluto so the details (Virgo) affect my mood (Moon) in a deep (Pluto) way.

My roommate wouldn’t even notice, has never noticed, the sticky film on her hands but I am soooo aware of my body (she claims not to be aware of hers), hyper aware, typical for a Moon Pluto, that any little thing is noticed.

As we approach Virgo Season, pay attention to the little things, the details in your life. Do they please you? Do they displease? Does it matter? Where’s your Virgo house? Got planets there?

I had a big crush on Keith Richards when I was 12, 13, so once again he is today’s Moon in Virgo CoverDude.

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