Virgo Constipation And The Full Moon In Cancer

I am roiling inside. Could it be the FULL MOON IN CANCER conjunct my Mars? Square my Jupiter as well. Squares are FRUSTRATION.

Could be 🙂

And, what’s more – I’m bored.

I posted on Facebook that I am NEVER EVER BORED. EVER.

Part of the reason I am bored today is because I can’t work, can’t use my brain.

I’m 43, peri-menopausal (can I be honest here? Yes I can and will) and this month my cycle has been out of whack and FINALLY I’m in the moon lodge after two weeks of false alarms and my brain is JELLY. I wasn’t even going to blog today. I had to cancel work. HAD TO. Because I Could Not Think. But then here I am, at least, forcing myself to write about my experiences.

Despite — because of — my massively Virgo influenced chart, I must get closer to my North Node in Pisces (she says with valiant intention). FLOW LET IT FLOW LET THE BLOOD FLOW and not just the blood but I think the blood not flowing as it needed to last month was merely a symptom of–

VIRGO CONSTIPATION of the spiritual kind, the life kind. SOMETHING IS NOT MOVING. The turds are small. The turds are hard. THE TURDS ARE NOT MOVING AND THEY NEED TO MOVE 🙂

“I’m on the move!” I told my husband today — as I sat on the chair in the kitchen, not moving. I’m on the MOVE! The only place I moved to was the bedroom, after finishing my cereal. Grumble grumble grumble Full Moon on my Mars grumble grumble grumble. And then I remember my Chariklo in Pisces being well aspected by this Full Moon, shall we discuss CHARIKLO? (I just like typing that. Chariklo).

What do YOU do when you are ROILING INSIDE and your body and mind are not able to participate or alleviate the roil? Not seeking advice! Just curious 🙂

You can make a greedy list of everything you’ll do when you feel better! Fantasize! That is one way to unite the Virgo/Pisces polarity.

And you can wait until the FEELING passes and pretend it never happened but NO that would mean something has been LOST something has DIED and hasn’t ENOUGH died in your arms and your dreams lately? Oh yes it has.

MY ADVICE: do not get comforted and snookumed by BOREDOM. TURN IT into FRUSTRATION – turn that trine into a square 😉 so that when you (and me) feel good again we can fucking RISE and get on the move 🙂

That’s but one way to save a life and enjoy this Full Moon in Cancer evening in the Big City. Enough anesthesia junk food internet television bullshit WAKE THE FUCK UP AND RISE. And shine. And live. Health is wealth, my friends. Mental health. Physical health. Start there.

Love, MP


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