Vesta Enters Aquarius !

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vestaVesta is now in Aquarius and when I think of Vesta I remember Vesta keywords:

dedication, commitment, concentration, passion, sacrifice. Keeper of Sacred Flame. GUARDIAN.

Of course it makes sense that Vesta in Aquarius will follow her own quirky path. Individual.

Don’t try to predict what move she will make next, what territory or Akashic Record she will peer into. She is dedicated to all things electric and she is REALLY GOOD at explaining things. Aquarius is the zodiac’s Idealist. (You thought it was Pisces, right?)

Did you know that Aquarius rules Frankincense — which has many magickal uses including the summoning of spirits AND strengthens concentration! Hello Vesta!

Vesta in Aquarius: I picture a scientist with a torch.
Vesta, Goddess of Home and Hearth, keeping the fire burning.
Vesta remains in Aquarius through all of February and most of March. 

I did a Goddess class a couple years ago. I am cutting and pasting here some thoughts from there:

Vesta is where we need to be free, “whole unto ourselves.”
Where Vesta is in our charts is where we will not rest because we cannot let the fire go out.
Obsession built on commitment and duty. And a sense of having inherited it. You have no choice. You have to deal with it and yet you can find the sweet spot.

Intuitive Leap no. 1: 

If your chart is short on fire (by sign or house even), then consider Vesta’s placement as a dose of fire and passion. I’m remembering also in the Venus Mars class, I learned (from my own studies) that Mars has to do with SEPARATION (versus Venus who is social) and Vesta has that feeling about her as well.

Intuitive Leap no. 2:

Where we have Vesta in our natal charts is where we must KEEP IT BURNING, home fire or something else. What could this “something else” be? 

And where we have her by transit is where we also must keep something ALIVE at this time.

Do we ever think of the Moon or Venus as guardian energy? I suppose we could, right? Moon as mother. Venus as protecting a relationship perhaps but Vesta feels different to me. Guardian. She’s not protecting a baby or a grown man or woman but… something bigger. An idea. She gives women (and men) more options.

My Vesta is conjunct my Virgo Ascendent. EXACT. Conjunct my South Node too. No doubt I’ve had some cloistered past lives. What about you? 


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