Very Stray Thoughts: Occupy Wall Street, Kol Nidre, Pluto The Destroyer, And The Aries Full Moon

"full moon in aries 2011"
October 7, 2011, Zuccotti Park

Note:  most of the first part of this blog post was written this morning, on the subway, on my phone, in a dark mood. Turned out to be a great day though.

So I am going to meet my director (our first meeting) on Erev Yom Kippur (catch up here about my return to a life in the theatre). There shall be no Kol Nidre for me. What there shall be, however, is my future i.e. this meeting.

Little did I know that my past and my future would meet today.

Yesterday (was it yesterday?) I wrote about the upcoming Full Moon in Aries as a house on fire, as a getaway.

But what comes to light, what becomes clear, isn’t always an ending or a death. Instead? It’s Pluto, folks! It ends to begin again. The Full Moon will be occupying my 8th House.

Before reaching fullness, the Moon will conjunct my Chiron, building speed. After reaching fullness, it will oppose my Jupiter, having gained momentum. Between those two points, it will inconjunct my Moon and Pluto. Feelings… nothing more than feelings….

And it will rush (Aries) towards my 9th House of higher mind and perspective almost as though it wants to pass over death (8th House). Sorry, wrong holiday 😉

Pluto wants to destroy. Moon Pluto people try hard not to destroy. They keep it in and keep it in and keep it in. And then fail, setting everything on fire.

I talk about my chart as one example… because I want  you to think about your own charts this way, to see the transiting planets as planets in motion, moving around the wheel, not static. Wherever a transiting planet is now in your chart? It’s on its way somewhere else.

One more thought: trust your inner destroyer, your inner Pluto. He’s trying to tell you something… that probably what you need to kill isn’t what you are killing. You’ve got the wrong monster. The golem is inside you and I mean it’s everything that holds you back, keeps you separate

I must have gotten off the train because the blog post stops there. Here’s the update:

Well, I did hear Kol Nidre after all, opposite the Occupy Wall Street folks. Remember, Full Moons are oppositions and this one includes Saturn. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d heard it and I don’t think I’d ever heard it outside, in the open air, a huge crowd of people in a circle, I don’t know how many, and the rabbis chanting the words, the tune that every (most?) Jew knows. My mother would have loved it. It was a magical and holy feeling.

Today at Occupy Wall Street and at Kol Nidre, I remembered my 11th House stellium: community. The energy in downtown Manhattan was immense. Peaceful. I’m still absorbing it even though I left it an hour ago. It really did feel like… everyone was in tune. I’m not sure how else to describe it yet. Lots of different people. And different purposes. But something about it overall seemed… together. United?

I hadn’t known the name of that “park,” didn’t know it had a name, although I’d sat there many times, usually to eat lunch when I was in the area. I thought to myself: how long will they be there? Until the owner of the park decides they should leave? I don’t know what to make of it all yet but it feels important. Important in ways, myriad small ways, personal ways we won’t ever know. The stories that will come out of these days. The plays that will be written. The changes.

In the meantime though: find the Full Moon in Aries in your chart! Look across and find the Libra House. These two houses will be having a heated conversation as your life prepares to change.

I do have time on Sunday, by the way, to do more Full Moon in Aries Mini-Moon Readings: email only, 15 minutes, $25. 

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