Venus Trine Chiron And Energy Astrology

I am loving the comments on yesterday’s Venus post and a couple people were talking about their Venus Chiron aspects and I had an AHA MOMENT — that I have a wide trine between my Chiron and Venus.

Never did I notice this before, perhaps because it is so wide.

But orbs are a many splendored thing.

I routinely take note of energy in the chart (wider orbs, poetic analysis) even when the numbers don’t match up.

Also, this trine is a pre-natal trine for me. My mother felt it. Venus trined Chiron and then moved on. This aspect IS in me. It’s in my soul. It may be… even more in me and part of me than what the average astrologer would see in my chart.

I love having a link between the 12th House (where my Venus is) and the 8th (my Chiron in Aries). The link between my spirituality and sexuality which I have always felt deeply I now see in my chart. No wonder I always thought I’d find God through the 8th House.

Know the rules and then adjust them. Get to know the energy in your chart. Are you mostly conjunctions? Squares? Oppositions? Sextiles and trines? What if you just looked at the signs and let the degrees go, as an exercise.

If you widen the orbs in your chart, what do you find? 

Love, MP


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