Venus Talk: Do You Know What You Value?

So I’m back in therapy.

Today was my second session and our discussion was VERY Venus and it made me think about how Venus, now in Capricorn, will go retrograde and how Mars in Libra’s retrograde will find all of us… introspective. Turning inwards. IF WE DARE. Defining what we value. Fighting(Mars) for what we value. Fighting for ourselves. Fighting for our relationships. Or will we just give up and give in? Not if we know what we want, what we hope to INCREASE. Courage for your journey!

This woman is brilliant, a Sagittarius (I had to ask) and I’ve worked with her before. So many years since then. And today I stopped to ponder it – the years. And how I sought her out PRECISELY because “conventional” help or clinics couldn’t help me. Every time I tried, it didn’t work, for one reason or another. And so I googled her and found her and I asked my husband about the timing and he told me it matched up with my last Saturn opposition, which is in orb for me now. Saturn in Scorpio vs Saturn in Taurus. Third House to 9th House. The daily mind, the higher mind. The Cage vs perspective.

You are not your anxiety she told me. Anxiety “hangs on you” but it’s not you. She said many other sharp sharp things and I don’t mean sharp as in “mean” but sharp as in: I see you, I hear you, why don’t you try this, how does this sound. So many therapists are afraid to speak. Know what I mean? Too much of a certain kind of training has neutered them I think, but not this gal. As if anyone could shut up a Sagittarius 😉

I’m telling this long story because I want you to think what you value. If you don’t know what you value, it becomes impossible to make decisions. What are they based on then? Chaos? Fear? The flip-flop mind? Your anxiety? Your rage?

So take these transits in hand. Venus retrograde is the shorter one. Mars in Libra retrograde the longer one. Venture inwards. Acquire for yourself a notebook. And make a list of your priorities. Make a tree. Many trees. I just did a little one. What you want. What you have. What you know for sure. Branches, roots. You are worth it. What is worth fighting for. What is worth releasing. You are worth it. Define it all. Without shame. You are worth it. Just write it down. And if you don’t know yet, that’s okay too.

Something else she said to me today: if something lessens, then there is room for something else. What gets bigger?

What do you value? 

Love, MP


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