Venus Square Saturn: Ugly, Repulsive, Pitiful, & Wrong

"venus square saturn" Does LIFE ask The Impossible of you? What is your response? 

I almost want that one sentence up there to be my entire blog post. What is your response to the impossible requests? When life brings you more difficulty than you can bear.

This question came to me and then I decided to shuffle and draw my daily Tarot cards and I’m on my back with my knees elevated (hurt them in a fall the other day) and was shuffling and a card flew out, literally FLEW out of the deck. Is this my response? Six of Wands victory parade. I don’t know, Tarot. Mercury is square Neptune today AGAIN.

I’ll bring you the dates later (see above – I’m comfortably lying down and don’t want to get back up yet) but notable astrologically this summer in addition to Venus in Leo and Venus in Leo retrograde is Venus in Leo square Saturn in Scorpio. I have this in my natal (although with Saturn in Taurus) thus I know a thing or two about it. How ugly it feels, how repulsive, pitiful, and wrong. So one could say we will ALL be feeling this level of insecure over the summer. Thus… remember your enemies are under this energy too (a little tip for the witches out there lol!).

"venus square saturn" On the up side, you may work hard (Saturn) on your Venus (beauty, art, love, money). Something I was talking about in yesterday’s blog post. Discovering your Venus, what she wants, what makes her happy, even from the dollar store. In fact, Venus square Saturn guarantees that beauty, art, love, and money will not be handed to you AND may only be found at the dollar store. You want something easy? That’s what the trine is for. You trine people tend to take shit for granted. Or maybe you don’t and you realize just how lucky you are. Head out of ass time. Thank you.

And let me make this perfectly clear: Venus square Saturn is NOT the same thing as Venus in Capricorn. And a square is a HARD aspect. Aspects are interactions between two (or more) planets. A planet in a sign is neutral (although traditional astrology has deemed some placements good or bad). What makes it not neutral is how you express it.

Squares challenge us. They may even present the Impossible. Or what feels impossible. Is there a difference? There is. What is your response? What will you do? What are you made of? How will you get free? Hmmm???????


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