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Michelle Pfeiffer has Venus Square Saturn

I need a boost! And I don’t have one at the ready 😉 so instead I’ll post this Venus Saturn blog post that I almost wasn’t gonna…

Summer in the city. A prayer: let this be my last year of summer in the city.

So I had to go to the doctor again. Clogged pores mostly likely. Apparently I can have clogged pores anywhere (or infected hair follicles)  and I see this affliction as not unique but a product of my Venus Saturn square, Saturn ruling skin and the square making it… problematic. Transiting Saturn to my Cancer Sun kicks up this issue, inside and out.

And here’s the grumble: I’m hot and sweaty and tired of being hot and sweaty. Some days I’m out in the humid 90 degree weather for hours and I just want to cry. So I’ll take the metaphor and run with it. My life IS a clogged pore.

Venus square Saturn Question and Answer: where’s the infection? Underneath. What blooms? The ugly from inside. Where does it happen? On the surface, visible. And the cure? Well, the doctor may say one thing and your intuition may guide you towards another.

One solution: the almighty Hot Compress! Warm water i.e. self sympathy, tenderness, kindness like warm water from the tap: Mars in Cancer coming to fill in our Hot Summer In The City T-Square.

Tangent: I like the way astrologers talk about the “missing leg” of a t-square. The best metaphors are physical.

Venus square Saturn needs a REAL mirror, which is the other person. That’s when it gets better. So it’s not the mirror of vanity, but the mirror of… love? True reflection, acceptance. And then the infection becomes nothing more than… skin deep.

And you? What does your Venus need? 

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