Venus Square Saturn: Responsible For Who??

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Someone on Twitter linked me this morning and it inspired me to write more on this topic, from personal experience.

Venus square Saturn is a  sense of duty in love, yup, you feel responsible, but you wind up feeling responsible for the other person, or for the “wrong” person or you wind up doing something, taking some action but it’s the “wrong” action i.e. wrong for you but yet you feel this DUTY! TO DO IT!

And you have to pull back pull back pull back. And that’s the Saturn, the chill. It feels like a chill to them and you. But you have to pull back because you were becoming them. Venus square Saturn is actually an aspect of the “merge” although people don’t usually talk about it this way because we associate Neptune with merging but obviously Venus square Saturn is BOUNDARY PROBLEMS!

Venus is love and Saturn is feeling like yer the man (or woman) for the job even when it’s not your job! Venus square Saturn says: take responsibility for yourself.

How do you work with this aspect? Does it get better as you get older? I think so. Self-awareness of course is key and you need to BE in relationships to “work on” this aspect.

You must learn the difference between your work, your burden and their work, their burden. Also, know what YOU WANT in the Venus realms. Not just trying to fulfill what they want, especially if what you want and what they want is different. Venus square Saturn will do what the other wants without thinking. That’s the misguided duty part.

And what helps a Venus square Saturn is making personal, authentic decisions. To be duty-bound to YOURSELF first.

Do you have a Venus Saturn aspect in your chart?


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