Venus Square Neptune: Who?

When you’re trying to figure out whether “he loves me, he loves me not” ask yourself who has consistently showed up in your life, who?

Not intermittent love. Not dramarama. Not maybe/maybe not/tomorrow.

Venus was square Neptune today which is confusion and can be deceit in love. But also beautiful longing.

Squares contain worlds.  But my advice is to go above and beyond the square. The way a short person (like me!) finds a chair to stand on, stretches their neck up, and looks past what they could not see before, into the distance. Reminds me of the three of wands. It just takes a little practice. And then a little more. Squares need our attention, our practice.

I was thinking about this aspect because I have it natally and I always check myself: is this real? Am I dreaming? Is it true? Is it not true? Venus square Neptune people may never feel sure enough. Like Venus Pluto people, they test. Aw hell, all the Venus square people test but in different ways.

Venus Uranus runs (but it’s not me, it’s him/her)

Venus Pluto dramatizes (crisis = passion)

Venus Saturn cools (fearing rejection)

Venus Moon smothers (am I woman enough? I will prove to you that I am!)

Venus Neptune disappears (hides the true self, doesn’t participate)

Venus Jupiter regrets (after giving too much)

What’s your Venus sitch? 


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