Venus Square Neptune, October 10th

I admit I’m in Cloudland.

We got married yesterday and twice so far I have used the phrase “my husband” in writing.

I like this. Wait. Maybe three times. I like this a lot.

We got married under an applying Venus Neptune square but I don’t mind this so much.

I know this energy well. I have it in my natal. In fact, I have Venus Neptune sprinkled all over my damn chart. And it no doubt explains a little of my Cloudland in this sense —  my ability, yesterday, to FEEL the presence of angels, guides, spirits. Blessings. As real as my fingers typing on this lovely computer. It was so strong. It’s still with me.

Venus Neptune, my friends, is nothing if not REAL. 

I do not believe we can have happy & functioning relationships without our outer planets participation.

We need the thrill of Uranus. The expectorant of Pluto. The good news of Jupiter. The limitation (forsaking all others) of Saturn. And also the mystery-solitude-illumination-inspiration of Neptune.

I can truly enjoy missing my husband when I am away or he is away BECAUSE he is mine. Not because I am longing and pining. That would be sad Neptune, masochistic Neptune. And I’ve had ENOUGH of that for one lifetime.

I know you may feel differently. You may feel the hurt-so-good-divine-discontnent-hurt me and I’ll hurt you back is plenty nourishing. And that’s your right of course. Such bloodlettings and angsty evenings are rich fodder for poems and songs and masturbation 😉

But for me? I had to not only commit in real time, real life (not easy, not trying to make it sound easy) to one real human, but also to bid adieu to any and all ghostly demarcations and supposedly keener sounds (Sorry Wallace Stevens!).

I need to write one of those SEVEN TIPS FOR SUCCESSFUL RELATIONSHIP blog posts. Next time, next time.

Love, MP


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