Venus square Neptune is Fooled by Love

There’s a Sam Shepard play that I love called Fool for Love. The movie version ain’t half bad either, with Shepard, a youngish Kim Basinger (always underrated), and Harry Dean Stanton. I know I know, purists probably hate the thing, but it was my early introduction to Shepard’s work, from what I remember.

I’ve written just a little on here about how I used to write plays. Well, maybe I still do and this is only a break. All I know is, it’s a relief not to do it because I felt I had to do it. I feel relief and released from the competition for attention from… festivals, contests, directors I hoped to work with. I opened the door and I walked through it and I think I closed the door behind me. Maybe.

What does this have to do with Venus square Neptune? Venus square Neptune imagines love. Imagines everything is fine. Lives in a world of fantasy. Romantic, idealist and oh the pain, the sweet sweet pain and longing of… Well, put it this way. Did you ever have a friend who enjoyed being sad? Or maybe they didn’t enjoy it, but it was their default. They chose men who weren’t quite there. They were long-distance. Or otherwise unavailable. Distracted. Maybe even married. Something kept them away, which gave the friend time, ample time to dream and wonder and ponder and revel and sleep and dream sweet dreams.

Venus square Neptune can be fooled by love, confused by love, illused by love, delused by love. Yes, I’m making up words. Venus square Neptune has a huge imagination and a huge capacity for waiting.

Time for a Kierkegaard quote. Actually, a paraphrase of an idea. In Kierkegaard’s Works of Love (a book I no longer have), he describes a woman waiting for her lover who never comes and how Time caresses the waiting girl, like the lover, like the lover will. This memory of this book is… 20 years old and I wrote a poem about it then so I may be remembering my poem more than I’m remembering Kierkegaard but this is Venus square Neptune in action. Confusing, remembering, loving. And it’s not quite real.

Venus square Neptune: you don’t see them clearly. You need other people to fact check for you. Venus square Neptune: seek the counsel of others. Is he who he says he is. Doublecheck your instincts. Doublecheck them again. And then trust them.

Remedy for Venus square Neptune: sleep with one eye open

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