Venus Square Neptune And The Yearning

"venus square neptune"I was trying to go back to sleep but my mind wouldn’t stop so here I am again.

Mars, now in Scorpio, is transiting my 3rd House, my mind. Mars is energy.

What happened was that I was reading a comment that someone left in the class that I’m holding (the inaugural class in MoonPluto Land) about her Venus square Neptune and the thoughts wouldn’t stop coming.

Neptune is not the problem. Even the square is not the problem. We all have Neptune SOMEWHERE. A hard aspect to Neptune just makes IT harder. Same for the person with planets in the 12th House or for Pisces Sun and Moon. Or Neptune in or on the 7th. Neptune is not the problem.

The problem happens when you apply COSMIC longing and yearning to another PERSON. That’s when the suffering comes. You can avoid Venus Neptune suffering by applying your longing to something COSMIC, not to your lover, no matter how out of this world they are 😉

Apply it to God. Yearn for God. I can think of no better example, no matter which God-word you want to use. You could yearn for other things too, a better life, whatever that means to you. World peace. The end of suffering. Remember the Pisces/Virgo axis axiom: serve or suffer.

But when you find yourself in Neptuneland, impossibly sad, because you’ve poured your Neptune waters over a strictly human situation…. it just won’t work. And it will hurt.

Remember: Venus is person-love. Neptune is cosmic consciousness love. It’s bigger 🙂

And you CAN switch it. Like a dial on a radio. Switch it. If you can’t stop thinking about him or her, you can switch it. And if you trace the Neptune aspect or the Neptune details in your chart, you can find the HOW and what will help.

So when Neptune’s got you and you find yourself yearning, then yearn for something that fits the size of it. Because what will satisfy Neptune is bigger, way bigger, than the sad feeling you are feeling right now for Heartbreak Harry or Disappearing Donna 😉

Love, MP

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