Venus Smiles: A Story For The Moon In Taurus

"moon in taurus"
full moon in cancer January 9th!

Saturn in Libra is still in reach of sextiling my natal Venus and many of my life themes these days are Venus-y.

Except for the social part. I haven’t been more social. But I am looking better.

I have a natal Saturn-Venus square and, well, I work (Saturn) at it. Work at this beauty shit. It don’t come easy or naturally. My natural state is more guy-ish. Wake up. Roll out. Put something on. Go! But transits change us and holy moly Saturn in Libra I am committed to this change!

Today’s Venus metaphor, however, is shopping. I never was much of a shopper, except for food shopping, which I LOVE. Last night I had dinner with a friend (an ex b/f to be precise) and I said to him, “Okay, now I’m off to do my second favorite thing!”

My point this fine Tuesday morning is as follows: select your life like you are selecting items off the shelves. What do you want to put in that metal or plastic cage? 😉

I know in this internet age many have groceries delivered no doubt using Fresh Direct and what-have-you (or maybe Fresh Direct is just a NYC thing, I dunno). But damn! I would perhaps get some things delivered in bulk, to the door, but I would NOT want to give up MY CHOICE, lovingly walking down those aisles, lovingly admiring THE STUFF, and choosing, selecting… my food. My life. My soul! Because you are what you eat.


And wow I really do sound like someone with almost all their planets on the left-hand/Eastern side of the chart.

And this: change happens from the inside-out BUT also from the outside-in.

So think about this the next time you go to your favorite store, your favorite aisle, and you’ve plucked something grand from the shelves, think to yourself  (or say it out loud):

“Ah!!!!!!!! Now is the time for THIS. My life demands THIS. I am participating in my LIFE. I am the banana! I am the soy! I am the cheese! 

And then smile. Like Venus. Venus smiles.

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