Venus Saturn in Real Life Part Two

That the square is different than the opposition because the opposition (more readily) brings a partner to help work it through. Remember an opposition brings someone from outside you.

That the Venus square Saturn person gets close, then pushes away, gets close, pushes away. That’s the dynamic. It’s that way on the inside too. Inside them.

That this dynamic is likely unconscious. That when it’s pointed out to them, it’s likely to hurt. So if you have a Venus square Saturn partner, timing is important. I mean, if you don’t want them to hate you 😉

That they do love, then fear, then love, then fear, then love, then fear. Round and round it goes.

That, and you’ve heard this before, when someone pushes you away, it’s usually a cry to come close.

Many are not cut out for a life with Venus-Saturn. But for those who dare? Well, I’ll write about that in Part Three!

It really is up to the native though. Really. We need the other to show us ourselves but… we must do the work (Saturn) of love (Venus).

Note to self: write part 3

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