Venus Retrograde In The Natal Chart (Part 2)

"venus retrograde in scorpio"Venus questions. I get a lot of Venus questions in my work. Affairs, lonely hearts, obsessions, secrets, true loves, past lives, endings, happy marriages, everything. It all matters. It all has meaning.

And it’s not always the big questions, stay or go, that should be answered or asked. There are subtle questions too. Essential ones.

I sometimes ask: what do you want? (Which is one of the big questions.)

Your body knows. Your body tells you.

When I ask myself: do I want such and such? I get “I don’t know” and it’s quite clear. I ask myself another question and I get “Yes” — also quite clear.

This, my friends, is how you find answers. You ask for them. And the more answers you have… the more truth you have. It may not be the truth you want. For example, you love him (or her) and he doesn’t love you back. But the truth is its own cure, isn’t it?

What are your Venus questions? 



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