Venus Opposition Pluto: Gangster Love

"venus opposition pluto"I had a client with this aspect in her chart. I told her she fell in love with gangsters, mafia men. She said I was right. Not about the mafia part, but powerful men. That’s the Pluto part here. POWER.

Do you have a romantic relationship under stress these days? Or maybe it’s a power struggle at work. Someone is testing. Someone is being tested. I wanted to text that to someone today: You test too much.

But I didn’t.

I questioned whether my accusation of testing was actually a test!

Venus is at 3 degrees Cancer now and Pluto is at 7 Capricorn so this transit is active. It’s building, “applying.” And I expect it to get more intense, more passionate, more uncompromising.

Happy homemaker Venus in Cancer is no match for Pluto. Pluto swallows her whole like Jonah and the Whale but try, if you can, to err on the side of love (Venus) rather than manipulation (Pluto) no matter the test.

Do you prefer fill-in-the-blank or multiple choice?

Love, MP

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