Venus Opposition Neptune: Transits for the Suffering

"mars trine pluto" Truth is there is much to look forward to this week, despite… YES despite whatever your current pain level.

Mars trine Pluto 
Mars conjunct Jupiter 
Venus in Virgo opposing Neptune 

I am grateful for the Venus Neptune because it will soften everything and I don’t mean lies and deception. I mean spirit talk, magic talk, psychic healing talk. And love. We need this after the Venus Saturn square. I don’t know why I’m fixated on the “talk” part of this. Oh. Venus is in Virgo, ruled by Mercury. Communications soften and open up.

AND, for those suffering, Mars Jupiter in Virgo trine Pluto will protect you, keep you smart and strong and not falling apart. Isn’t that a relief?

I’m sorry money’s tight and your boyfriend left you and the oven broke and the cat’s sick and “Isn’t this your life? That ancient kiss still burning out your eyes?” (quoting Richard Hugo).

Yeah. I don’t know what kind of transits you’re under, but compared to *my* transits this sky is heaven.


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