Venus On Fire And A Little Poem For Sunday

I’ve barely begun my 30 poems in 30 days and I’ve hit a wall. Had trouble locating the other thumb drive and then… Oh. Wait. Here’s a little one. A Little Poem for Sunday.


After Death

Well, there were some things I liked about being in a body. I liked watching the cats sleep and wake up on the big blue dresser, their matching mouths the color of pink ribbon. And I liked the subway train the one time I could smell coffee on a man’s breath. Now those were happy people. I loved the long hot summer finally over, the first smell of Chinese food in fall, on a quiet city block, just waking up, eating my heart out in the window of the shop. (Me, 36. You, 28.) And then at night, dreaming of funny noodles.


On my Facebook page (click that link to see for yourself) I started a conversation about Venus in fire signs and got a great response. I was wondering about women who “chase” men although I didn’t put it in those terms exactly.

I was curious about others’ experiences since I have Venus in Leo and I’ve… never been very good at pretending that I don’t like someone or playing hard to get.

So I’ll ask you guys the same question: is your Venus in a fire sign? Do you chase/hunt men (or women?) Are you a woman who has been told in general that she is too yang and needs to “attract” instead of go after?

I”m not judging, just exploring. And also curious who it works for and who it doesn’t. In either case, it was a really interesting discussion 🙂


Three cards for the week. I may not reveal the cards, just give a summary. Let’s see if it matches the “forecast” from earlier today!

Okay what I see here is good stuff but also caution. And the good stuff is really good (good mood, good money, good love, etc) and someone is looking at you, someone you want to look at you i.e. SEE YOU FOR WHO YOU ARE. And this makes you happy. That’s why you’re grinning like the 9 of Cups dude here but there’s a caution and the caution is… don’t close up.

I know you get afraid when you feel… you’re on the verge of getting what you want. You freeze. Or, you have in the past. And others around you, truth be told, have not exactly wanted your happiness (i.e. wanted you to grow) so… protect yourself. Keep your balance. Don’t shut down but… do your meditation practice 🙂 The events of this week do not need to tip you.

I cheat at Tarot 😉 I pulled one more. 9 of Pentacles. You’re already there, baby. Depend on yourself. Whoever, whatever, is entering your life, whoever, whatever, is leaving your life, this is your story. You ARE allowed to be happy. To have joy. To have really good sex. To have money. And health. And dreams come true. And supportive sustaining love. Be Zero. Start where you are. Be the Fool (from this morning’s Tarot) but don’t get lost. I want you solid, grounded, and knowing you are at home wherever you are. Even if he’s gone. Or she’s gone. Or it’s gone. You’re here. You may have no clue why you are here. You may regret every decision you’ve made for the last um 35 years but you’re here.

And that’s what the cards said to me 🙂


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