Venus Neptune Loves Loves Loves Music

"venus opposition neptune"
Rickie Lee Jones, Scorpio Sun

What would be enough for you, if it was all you had?

I figured out the answer to this question. And I found my answer because I realized that I feel like IT is ALL I have.Β And it feels like the most meaningful, most authentic thing in my life. Do you think about that? Authenticity?

What got me on this train of thought? Rickie Lee Jones, a childhood favorite of mine, especially her Pirates album (my older sister had her first record) and this one song came on my Pandora station and took me back. You know how that is. Took me back to Saturn in Libra, a long time ago. Made me feel things.

Of course I had to look up her chart. Scorpio Rising, Scorpio Sun, Moon in Aries. Venus in Scorpio too. My little MoonPluto found a friend in her and that record? Real dramatic and sad and stark.

Venus and Neptune are in opposition now in the sky. I have the natal square. But no matter the aspect, Venus Neptune is known for being sensitive, very sensitive, to music. And, on a side note, if anyone tells you that your sensitivity is anything less than beautiful, don’t listen to them.

What is your One Thing? And can you find the reason why in your chart?

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