Venus Is In Virgo. Or, My Break-Up Made Me Fat

"new moon in libra"This is a post about the 5th House and serious pleasure.

Saturn rules my 5th House. Saturn is serious. And the 5th House is pleasure. Play.

And how ever since a certain relationship ended. Although it kept ending and beginning and now is in an “end time” of the cycle. Since it ended, I’ve started eating. I’ve started eating the relationship. 

See, I had lost a bunch of weight. And then joined a gym when Mars was in Virgo in my 1st House for so damn long and then gained it back because I had the funny idea that NOW, with the gym, I could eat bagels. And pizza. Silly girl. Not with your genes. Cancer Sun, Mercury, Mars.

And today I started to ponder what exactly I was eating. Disappointment? Loss? Sadness? God?

And I would like to stop eating all these abstractions and just eat food instead. 

Venus is in my 1st House now and I noticed today the perfect timing. Mars in Virgo was the gym and frantic explosion of energy and Venus is… wanting a return to beauty. Not that I’m not beautiful now but there’s something that I want to get back.

Have you found Venus in Virgo in your chart? 


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