Venus Is In Sagittarius: Look Up!

"moon pluto conjunction in the 1st house"
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I sent an email to a friend this evening: I fall in love with my own love.  

And I project this onto the other. I fantasize without realizing it. So then when I do actually see them? Reality. The veil drops. Wait. It’s not that I fall in love with it. It’s that I FEEL IT.

What I feel is my own love shooting across the skies. Moon and Pluto in the 1st House opposing an empty 7th House.

My details: Venus in Leo in the 12th House, Venus square Neptune, Pisces on the descendent, Neptune in the 3rd House. 

Pluto in the 1st House has a lone wolf reputation and people do find me… self-possessed, but my North Node is conjunct my 7th House cusp and I will die trying to get this partnership thing right.

Do you think about your life? All the mysteries? How you got from point A to point B and you can recall it all but… how much of it did you choose and how much of it was just reacting and lousy transits. I wound up living with my current roommate, an old friend, because of a lousy transit and some good luck. I had a Tarot reading not long after moving here and the guy said it was fate, meant to be, supposed to happen. I felt that. And that it was a crazy crazy crazy whirlwind and unfortunate cluster of transits that brought us here.

I pray for easy lessons.

Venus (and Mercury) are in Sagittarius now which says one thing to me:  OPEN YOUR EYES!!!!!!!

Open your eyes even about that one thing which you think is fixed. Sagittarius is not fixed. It changes! Things change! Your love, your Venus, is being Jupiterized now! It’s growing, it’s growing, it’s growing, getting bigger and bigger and bigger AND BIGGER!

Biggest. Venus in Sagittarius wants to teach you a lesson. Are you ready?

What are you seeing? 

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