Venus Is An Inside Job (The Venus Blogs Continue)

"venus in leo retrograde" I wrote on my Facebook that the Venus blogs were going to continue today — and that I may add some Mars in because although I love rose and gardenia, my favorite smell is sweat and determination.

I had just finished working out (with one of my spirit guides Jillian Michaels) and wanted to go for a walk — fresh air, sun on my face, and I noticed my blood sugar dropping, getting tired so I decided to stop for something to eat, which I did, and then continued on with my walk and I started thinking that Venus is 100% an INSIDE JOB.

Yes the Goddess rules the outside in astrology, beauty, but if you want a more Venusian life (i.e. more manifestation of your desire), new shampoo won’t cut it.

And I was walking walking walking walking and feeling like me, the old me, very Pluto, people ALWAYS turn around when I’m behind them and I don’t mean right behind them I mean plenty of feet away they turn around. I can’t help that Pluto projecting and a friend of mine said to me the other day, about Venus, about manifestation, how there was definitely proof that I could manifest (she reminded me of examples I had given her) but those were examples of “banishing” rather than drawing in.

"moon conjunct pluto" So what would happen if I applied myself in a more… Venusian way. 

I came home from my walk and I thought to myself: don’t change. Rose, gardenia, sweat, determination. I already am all of that. But still there is something I want to adjust. And it will be silent. And I won’t tell all my secrets. A good witch never shares all 😉 But I am starting tonight…

The right LIFE for you happens because you kept being you, even more you. Otherwise what’s the point?

Will write about the Stars This Week probably tomorrow….


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