Venus Is a VERY Busy Girl This Week!

Venus conjunct Pluto is a beautiful orgasm and Venus square Uranus is electric 🙂

(this Venus Pluto Uranus action feels INSATIABLE to me)

AND Venus is sextile Chiron this week as well (14 November): sex/love/intimacy THAT CAN HEAL YOU, lick your wounds 😉

Yes, Venus Uranus can bring a surprise, welcome or unwelcome (a revelation, an intuition, a reversal! which could be good news actually) and Venus Pluto is PASSION (visit your Capricorn house for Passion about WHAT/who).

Capricorn/Saturn though suggests it’s something you have to work at, takes effort and WISDOM for it all to fall into place, but Pisces/Chiron suggests the work has a higher purpose still (not all fallen into place yet). IT IS WORTH IT. (Do you believe it? I’m not sure.)

Two cards and very interesting cards at that: Queen of Pentacles and the Empress.

Girl, it’s up to you. It’s not going to happen on its own. Don’t beg though. Be strategic. The Empress is VENUS and she’s got mad skills, she’s creative, and the Earth Queen can bring desire down to earth.

So what’s the problem? One more card: she wants it NOW, 8 of Wands. So much for Venusian/Taurean/Empressian patience. VENUS PLUTO URANUS IS NOT PATIENT NOOOOO.

What’s the solution? Oh dear. 9 of Swords. No obvious solution, no easy answers, except for you to take care of yourself (says the Queen and the Empress). Be fine. Be luxury. But that’s not all. The Empress = EMPIRE EMPOWER POWER. No tears please. Plant seeds for new growth. PLEASING ones. For yourself.

And, basically, if Venus Pluto Uranus has you hungering for what you are not receiving then stop trying to make it happen. It doesn’t work that way anyway. But Pluto often FORCES the issue!!

My advice: master the impulse i.e. give yourself an orgasm (so to speak) or satisfy that craving/hunger ANOTHER WAY. And, yes, there are other ways although I am sorry that you aren’t getting what you want right now. Please don’t feel defeated. You are the Queen. You are the Empress. NOT THE END OF STORY HERE. More to come 🙂

Love, MP


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