Venus in the 12th Meets Venus in Scorpio

"new moon in scorpio 2011"
"I am my Beloved's and my Beloved is mine"

I had a proper Sukkot this evening. Even put on a dress. And my boots. Ate with friends. Yeah, I even lit candles. I made my friends talk to me about God’s enveloping light. It was that kinda night.

And I couldn’t stop thinking about sex the whole time. What is it about intensely spiritual environments that do that to me???

Well, I do have Venus (love/desire) in the 12th House of the mystic.  Venus in the 12th: forbidden/hidden love. Venus in the 12th: longing and pining. Venus in the 12th: love is spiritual. Venus in the 12th: you want to merge, you want to sacrifice, you want to do anything and everything for your love and you probably will given half a chance. It’s a wee bit masochistic.

It’s a beautiful placement. Really.

Now my Venus is in Leo which Venus in Scorpio will square, but the 12th House is Pisces’ House so it gets wet anyway.  And to add some more water to the mix, it was pouring down rain when I left my friends’ house. They were heading to shul (synogogue) and I was heading home, to my own little 12th.

How does YOUR Venus relate to Venus in Scorpio???

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