Venus In The 12th House By Transit (Or Natal)

Relationships are supposed to make your life better, easier. I believe this. But your (and my) Venus situation has something to say about how easy this is or will be for you. What the challenges are and so on. And where to look for the light.

My 12th House Venus is introspective by nature, loves solitude, loves the expanse of the quiet mind and meditation hall. The quiet mind IS the meditation hall. Venus 12 can get lonely though. We need solitude but we also need congress 🙂

So here I am in my 43rd year, navigating two worlds, for maybe the first time ever: me alone in my 12th, and me in relationship, with transits to my 5th, 7th, and 8th. I want them both. I have a feeling this will be my life for a long time.

On Facebook I entered a conversation about Venus in the 12th House, someone with a Venus 12 Solar Return placement.

From what I could understand, she was looking for something less depressing than what she was finding on-line. Not looking for impossible loves, secret love affairs, or martyrdom.

Well, all that IS Venus 12 (waiting by the phone SIGH) but it’s also… the key.

The 12th House is the locked door but also the key. The prison and the escape. Self-undoing and putting yourself back together because you can hear yourself think. It’s the still small voice. It’s the voice of the Divine. It’s the love which is so much larger than any human to human love… Venus 12 people must love BIG. Venus 12 love is BIGGER than the body, bigger than the heart, bigger than desire. It transcends (Pisces keyword!) anything we can touch. We move into the invisible. We rent to own 🙂

Now on a practical level this can mean that this young woman finds THE key or keys to any number of issues about her… mental health, physical health, daily life, work, and healing. How she can get better.

The 12th House is the house of silence. I recommend silence for Venus 12 transits. I recommend silence for everyone actually 🙂 Otherwise, how can you possible know?

Are you having an interesting transit? 

Love, MP

P.S. Not long ago my roommate asked how did I know? How did I know I could go so far (i.e. as far as I have or that I am willing to go) with my relationship. I didn’t know how to answer her. To me, it felt like “of course” or “duh.” Or even “I don’t know” as in don’t know how to explain it. And I think that’s how you know. It is a big deal but there’s an “of course-ness” to the union. An ease (although sometimes after much difficulty). A sense of inevitability but it isn’t even that heavy. It’s lighter but not lightweight. A shoulder shrug. It makes sense. But again, not blase because if you lost them, you’d be bereft.


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