Venus in Scorpio trine Nessus – Part Two

"venus trine nessus" Look here for Part One

Today Venus is trine Nessus in the sky.

If you read Part One you’ll see an old blog post of mine about Nessus to give some clues about this intense energy but Venus in Scorpio is intense too.

What do we have when we mix these together IN TRINE, at ease?
They mix well in trine. The lumps and clumps dissolve and the new liquid goes down smooth possibly giving you superpower.

You can slip through the cracks to this power. **YOUR** power. Not theirs. Find your footing but yes Venus Nessus has subterranean decor, furnishings by Devil and Death & Co. Elixir du Pluto, the dark boat.

As usual you’ll want to find the houses in your chart that apply, Scorpio and Pisces. What’s the connect? Something this way that way flows, something you probably would be terrified of on any given day but not this day when the connect is a slipstream trine.

In plain English, sort of:

today the horse is tame, the beast is tame (which is your shadow, you have access to it TODAY, an open door). All magic at your disposal. No matter how wild. You can stick your hand within its jaws and not get bit. Why do this? To extract. Knowledge. Remember in the previous blog post I was talking about WORDS.

If you don’t figure out one significant piece of the puzzle today, your puzzle of right now, then you aren’t paying attention.