Venus In Scorpio: Love And Death

"venus in scorpio"Venus is on her own now, past an exact sextile to Mars and Pluto in Capricorn, today’s special sauce, and this morning, ladies in the private chat room were talking about old loves returning or loving old loves and unrequited love and this felt very Venus Pluto to me. Venus = love. Pluto = death.

And I started thinking about how I wasn’t thinking about him, which meant I was thinking about him. An old love.

I have Venus square Neptune in my natal (in a few years Saturn in Scorpio will conjunct that Neptune and square that Venus) and it’s an accomplishment when a thought is not a longing or a fear or wishing anything were different in this moment and that’s how it was when I thought of him and that I thought of him, and nothing more, no problem. Nothing needed fixing. Life is beautiful.

My point of this rambly blog post is to comfort those in a similar process of love and loving, confusion and joy, if you’re lucky. Venus is in Scorpio, ruled by Pluto. Scorpio has a sexy reputation, allure, but it’s also gross, death, crime, isolation, obsession, kidnapping. If you want a lighter, more careless love, wait for Venus in Sagittarius 🙂 For now, you are the dark.



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