Venus In Scorpio Has Come To Purify You And Your Love

"saturn in scorpioA short play for your blog post:

Scene One:

The idea that synastry shows us just the topmost layer of a relationship and to get to the good stuff, you have to go underneath the synastry, which means go deeper into the relationship towards true understanding: who IS this person in your life? What are they about? What do they need? Do you want to make them happy. That’s how I know I love someone: when I want to make them happy. (And then I start sending presents….)

I was thinking about this as I compared my chart to another chart and saw all the hard aspects (and good ones too) and thought about what they used to mean and what they mean now and what they could mean. And that all those squares and inconjuncts have purpose.

Good synastry is no guarantee and “bad” synastry may not mean failure, although it surely means effort and patience, perhaps more than charts that easily relate.

I don’t know why, but some of us were blessed with young marriages, happy marriages, easy births, and then some of us have been blessed with years of searching and learning.

It’s almost 2013 and I’ll remember 2012 as a good year, a pivotal year for me, despite some synastric heartbreak and heartache.

Scene 2:

Venus is in Scorpio now, and my limited real-life experience with (the male) Venus in Scorpio has shown me the relentless, passionate, brutally honest nature of this placement.

Scorpio evaluates and eviscerates simultaneously. If they seek your help, and you aren’t helping? They will tell you. And they won’t let you hide behind your pattens, your bullshit. They won’t let you hide PERIOD.

Venus in Scorpio is not for liars or evasive lovers. Venus in Scorpio makes you rise to their level, IF they are interested in you. And it’s not often pretty, like Venus in Taurus. It doesn’t try to make you feel at home. Venus in Scorpio forces you to define your terms, who you are in love, for real, as you’re forced into acknowledging the games you don’t even realize you’re playing.


You can tell, right? I been thinking about this. I hope any Venus in Scorpios reading this realize and respect and love the awesome power and depth that they have because what you do is take us non Venus in Scorpio people on a deep journey into ourselves. You make us better. Every moment I spend with a Venus in Scorpio is a purification ritual and when I’m done with those phone calls or texts, I can cry from exhaustion.

The person I’m talking about here is a long distance friend, not a lover, but that’s the effect that Venus in Scorpio can have, even from across the miles.



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