Venus In Pisces, Neptune In Pisces: Coming Soon To A Sky Near You

"neptune in pisces"
venus in pisces

You will be less lonely even though you can’t feel it now. You will be. It’s within your slippery reach. How do I know? I know.

I am always trying to understand Pisces better. Wrong approach!

Pisces can’t be understood with Virgo-picky-picky-Mind. Pisces is understood through the fins, the gills, the water, the stream, the fishmouth, the flow.

Swim with me, says Pisces. I’ll show you.

Venus enters Pisces next week (the 14th). I have my North Node in Pisces and Venus in the 12th House and yet Pisces continues to elude me, which is, well, very Piscean.

Neptune obscures, they say. Neptune dissolves. Neptune disappears. Confusion, illusion, delusion.

But when Venus moves into this sign? Love isn’t personal anymore. It’s bigger bigger bigger bigger bigger VASTER than you or me or him or her, all of us, any of it. It becomes about GOD (whatever that word means to you). Infinite starry compassion.

AND while Venus is in Pisces? Neptune enters the sign so WOW. Mystical times ahead, folks. Mystical times.

Don’t let the confusion fool you though. You are exactly where… you are. And should be.


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