Venus In Leo NewsWatch! (Weekend of June 5th)

"venus trine saturn" On fire this morning on my Facebook Timeline. Posting and posting stray Venus in Leo thoughts.

I was EXPRESSING MYSELF (as Madonna would say, fellow Venus in Leo lady) 🙂

As I type this, Venus enters Leo in about an hour.

Also today:
Mars in Gemini sextile Jupiter in Leo:

Mars is force and Jupiter expands what it touches and the sextile is cooperative. Could be a good day for working out but do consult your doctor if you aren’t sure!)

VENUS TRINE SATURN (retrograde in Sagittarius).

Aquarius Moon all weekend.

Of course Venus in Leo, the showstopper, the star, makes a beautiful major aspect same day as her ingress.

And hmm so it’s a very Saturn weekend eh? Saturn co-rules Aquarius, along with Uranus. No wonder I drew the stable table FOUR OF PENTACLES this morning. CONSERVE YOUR ENERGY. Keep a lock on it. Order, control, you decide what flows in, what flows out. No NEED to change today. Venus in a fixed sign now. SHE KNOWS WHAT SHE WANTS. SHE KNOWS HOW SHE WANTS TO BE TREATED. It’s not about SHOULD. It’s about WANT. Moon in a fixed sign. Saturn is the wobbler here and that’s fine. Venus and Moon keep him tied down 😉

"venus trine saturn" Although I think all Venus Saturn people can go the distance, can commit (no matter the aspect), Venus trine Saturn is a girl (or boy) who has mastered the Law (Saturn) of Attraction (Venus). Venus trine Saturn got game and she may play by the rules but she doesn’t even need to think about it, must less fret or mope.

Food for thought: quote from Howard Sassportas:

We’re already mentioned that the glyph of Venus is like a hand mirror, and that what we love and value is a reflection of something inside us. Funny, I wouldn’t normally associate Venus with a wizard, but it’s true that the energy of love can be very transformative and work magic. (The Inner Planets)

Do you have a Venus Saturn aspect in your chart? 


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