Venus In Leo: MEOW!

Venus is in Leo now, from June 27 to July 22nd.

I call this the “me and only me” placement.

Venus in Leo needs to be THE ONLY ONE, the only love. She has an ego and is prideful. Venus in Leo is ROYALTY, the Queen.

No doubt other Venuses feel this way (i.e. needing to be the only one) but we’re talking ONLY about Venus in Leo in this post. Get it? The ONLY VENUS IN THIS BLOG POST is LEO.



I have Black Moon Lillith conjunct my Venus which increaseth her awesome “admire me or die” quality.

Possibly the only thing that redeems my Venus in Leo is her placement in the 12th house, which belongs to Pisces and Neptune, and which blinds me as it saves me (and everyone else in my vicinity.)

Leo on a bad day is bossy and pompous. On a good day is warm loving and loyal like the sun. Stable. Fun too.

I thus consider myself not a typical King/Queen of the forest, which is awesome for the lucky (ha) soul who receives my love because in true 12th house style, I tie myself to the altar (or stake) of love.

The 12th House gets confused though (as you know) and often enough in my life I chose the wrong cowboy. (But no more tears, my friends. MoonPluto is thus founding a little astroshack with her True Love, until of course he dies from a heart attack from cigarette smoking but that’s ANOTHER STORY.)

Where’s your Venus?ย 

Love, MP


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