Venus In Gemini: What’s Your Love Story?

"venus in gemini"

Gemini rules writing and writers, and Venus enters Gemini late morning, tomorrow, Big City time.

Before things felt more solid with my boyfriend I used to feel that he was my love story. Funny how that works. Something can be shifting and uncertain but you hope, romantically so, and you feel.

One time, on the phone, after a particularly painful misunderstanding, I told him this. That every time we broke up (ha!) I would remember how I felt he was my love story. And how now I wasn’t going to get my love story.

And then I would listen to my music and brood. Just a little.

Venus entering the Gemini party means she’ll square Mars in Virgo (retrograde) and Neptune in Pisces. As I was writing yesterday, this makes Sagittarius either the target or the one holding up the world. Last man (or woman) standing.

My advice is to err on the side of perspective, which is a Sagittarius/Jupiter keyword. Perspective means seeing more than what’s in front of you. Seeing more than what you can SEE.  Sagittarius rules prophecy and belief.

Venus will sextile Uranus by the way, right away, although some may find the orb wide, it will squeeze in there and tighten up and you may suddenly find or lose but considering it’s a sextile, believe it’s for the best.

It’s like… this electric aspect (Venus sextile Uranus) is the reward for… keeping calm during the mutable storm.

And it’s all very  he-said, she-said: Venus wants to play. Mars wants to work but can’t concentrate. And there’s Neptune offering everyone a drink but it’s more escape than PAR-TAY!!

Perspective: own your shit. Don’t throw it on anyone else. Resist the urge to blame, manipulate, or play victim. Oof there’s gonna be a lot of that with Neptune in Pisces squaring Mars and Venus. Victims of love but don’t you fall for it.

Do you have planets at the early degrees of the mutable signs? If so, take your chill pill now. 😉

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