Venus In Capricorn: What Is Worth Working For?

Verity in the comments mentioned liking the imagery at the end of my previous blog post, and there’s a story attached.

I have two long windows, trees in the backyard, and insufficient curtainage (yes I made up that word) and blinds, and the sun was so bright shining in, I was getting irritable from it. It was a scramble to get some relief and we did some makeshift tinkering and blocking and relief was found, and then later on was sitting at my mini-desk and noticed, for the first time, this fall, that the leaves on one of the backyard trees had changed to pumpkin orange.


Brief look at the week ahead, highlights:

Venus enters Capricorn on the 5th and this is extra interesting because Venus will RETROGRADE here! But NOT until late December! VENUS DOES NOT LEAVE CAPRICORN UNTIL early MARCH.

Sun conjoins Saturn on the 6th

Jupiter goes retrograde on the 7th

Mercury goes direct on the 10th!

So it’s very… back and forth. And back. And forth. And BACK AND FORTH and you know what? I remember Sun conjunct Saturn from LAST YEAR! Do you? How you felt? What you were willing to work for?

But back to Venus in Capricorn.

Okay! Quiz-questionaire:

What is Venus? What is Capricorn? What do you tend to feel during a retrograde? What house will this be for you?

PAY ATTENTION to November, December, January, February (and the beginning of March!).

This is your love story, your money story. Your WEALTH.

What are you rich in? What is money to you? Stuff? Security? Paper?

Venus Saturn can commit, yes, but Venus Saturn often doesn’t feel good enough, that she is WORTH the commitment.

Venus always tells a story. Maybe it’s in her eyes. In her wrists. The song she keeps humming, replaying. Venus in Capricorn is still Venus but she’s pleasure AND business. She’s savvy. Why marry poor when she can marry rich. Why?

Venus in Capricorn is your money, honey! How do you want to earn it? Is it aligned with YOUR values? Are you making the EFFORT?

I asked my husband about this transit for me and he said it was about HAVING FUN. Venus through my 5th. I’ll take it!

The potentially vexing thing is that Venus wants to have a good time and Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and Saturn is, well, not fun. Saturn is work. Saturn is effort. Saturn is PATIENCE. What is it you are waiting for???

Retrogrades, to me, usually feel like questioning, discovery, buried treasure. Such feelings will be particularly potent when Venus conjoins gangster and freelance bully Pluto 😉

Now we only get one chance at this passionate Venus Pluto (exact) conjunction this time around because she doesn’t retrograde back to 9 degrees. Close but still a few feet away. She may find Pluto VERY interesting. And she doth look back at him, from a distance, but that’s all it is, just one look.


Love, MP


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