Venus In Capricorn Part 2

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I wrote a Venus in Capricorn post this morning and neglected to mention Venus trining Jupiter! Guess I wasn’t feelin’ it.

I’ll blame this oversight on Mercury Retrograde and Jupiter Retrograde. Sometimes we miss what is right in front of us.

But one would think, yes, one would think this is an aspect to hold onto i.e. earth, reality.

But it slipped out of my hands, out of my mind, as though it weren’t there at all thus this post! Making amends with the almighty trine!

So how about this: if you aren’t feeling so hot this morning, have faith (Jupiter) in the day ahead. That some solid love (Venus) will find you. It is a trine after all! Doesn’t have to be the stuff of dreams — this is Capricorn. But solid, yes, that’s the keyword here. Doesn’t even have to be another person. One foot in front of the other. Find your ground.

If your life is entrenched in patterns that make you feel UGH, it can be hard to imagine change of any kind but a Venus Jupiter trine can expand the good you let in.

And honestly I feel low on the faith-o-meter today. I need this trine. So please don’t even ask me about the Moon conjuct Pluto later today once the Moon, too, enters Capricorn.

Are you feeling all this Saturn? 

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