Venus In Cancer: The Price Of Peace You Can Afford

"venus in cancer"I want to talk more about Venus in Cancer, which I started to do yesterday.

I want you to start thinking about home, your home, what it means to you, what it is, what you want, is it anything resembling what you need. It’s okay if it’s not. You can work to change it. My home isn’t perfect but it is the quietest place I have ever lived and that makes me so happy.

Cancer is associated with home and Venus is harmony. Is your home harmonious? How can you make it so?

I moved a lot during Pluto’s long transit through my 4th House and this recent retrograde has delayed him from finally leaving once again. But he will and I am grateful!

Now when a planet moves into a sign, I like to begin to meditate on the principles and power of that sign and all the signs have keywords and associations and when I think of Cancer and Venus in Cancer I think: you must nurture you home. I get directives. I get a lot of “You must.” In fact I sometimes apologize in readings saying, I know I am saying “should” here but please forgive the commanding language πŸ˜‰

Venus in Cancer also speaks to a kind of inner parenting but still using the home as a metaphor, the home as an extension of you.

So think about it. If you aren’t happy at home, what can you do to change it, to shift the energy. Cancer is cardinal sign, always on the move despite the homebody tendency.

And during Venus in Cancer, the Gods want you to figure some of this out. I have such a Virgo mindset, I’m always about “making it better” but I think Venus in Cancer is more about loving what is, gently, feeding it, brushing its fur, stroking its face, and then adjusting what needs to be adjusted.

Cancer squares Libra on the zodiac wheel but Venus rules Libra and Venus in Cancer wants you to make your home beautiful. Again, keyword harmony. And if you are in a situation that is hard to change, like a lousy roommate or bad plumbing and a disagreeable landlord, or a lumpy bed and no money to buy a new one, then remember that Cancer also is the Mother, not just the one you had but the inner Mother and the love of the ideal Mother is what your home wants from you. Then you’ll be at peace there.

Off the top of my head I can think of two friends with Venus in Cancer and a handful of clients. One of these friends I’ve known for over 20 years.

She’s a Gemini Sun. And despite her funny friendly nature, scratch the surface just a wee bit, and you find a woman who will cry with you when she hears about the hard time you’re having and will bail you out if you need bailing, and she will support you unfailingly with her Venus in Cancer strong arms. She is exceedingly devoted to her family and friends and she loves and takes care of her man in pure devotion.

Now remember she is a Gemini. She can play the field too πŸ˜‰ She can tell a white lie here and there ; Or maybe they’re just… stories.

And another thought: the sign of Cancer is also part baby and part Mama. Take care of your house and she’ll take care of you.

Most of all though, you need to be the Mama here. Be strong and loving. Do the dishes. Sweep the floor. Feed and nurture WHEREVER you are.

Do you have Venus in Cancer or know anyone with this placement?

Love, MP

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