Venus In Aries: The Ultimate Gender F**K

"venus in aries"

I write too much about straight people, which is odd because it isn’t my life at all.

Lots of issues intersect here but I don’t have the patience to separate them. For example, I am not nor do I feel like any kind of conventionally acceptable woman/female. Yes I have the biological stuff but if you want Libra or Taurus (the Venus signs), then look elsewhere. I’m not a people pleaser, which includes men. And to me, gender and sexuality are fluid things, interesting things, things to be played with, not rigid. Stereotypical representations of women in particular tend to bore or annoy me. And I prefer to wear shoes that I can run in.

(In fact I had this thought today: the sign of a true New Yorker is one who jogs through that tunnel from the L train to the 3 train at 14th Street. Good luck with that sprint in your heels. And  yet NYC women can do *anything* in heels it seems. But perhaps not sprint uphill through the tunnel. Do I judge? I do not judge. I’m just saying that I’m about something else. Always have been. )

Remember that show Deadwood? I love that show. And I love all the women characters on it, but I am far closer to Calamity Jane (although not a drunk) than Alma, the beauty. At least that’s my self-perception.

And even though I have dated men for the last 10  years, I have never identified with the straight world as such. Never felt like I belonged there. I didn’t fit in. I didn’t do and wasn’t interested in those things that other girls did and were interested in… like dressing for men for example. Just couldn’t get a handle on that.

What does all this have to do with Venus in Aries? Well, Venus in Aries is the ultimate gender fuck. Why? Because it’s Venus (WOMAN) in the sign of Man (Aries)! It’s mixed up, confused, too strong, too aggressive, too desirous, she knows what’s she wants! Is she a woman? Or a man? Neither? Both? WHO’S THAT CHICK??

Which is why I LIKE Venus in Aries. Because Venus in Aries DARES.

Now yes I know there are plenty of Venus in Aries who go the conventional way (whatever that IS) BUT the placement in and of itself is a rebel, is a twist, is a little bit… well… this Venus don’t float on by like Venus in Pisces and this Venus don’t coy like Venus in Libra and this Venus don’t feed you from her boobies like Venus in Cancer.

This Venus is ON FIRE and she will burn you and burn for you.


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