Venus Enters Virgo + Time is a River without Banks (October 8th)

"venus trine pluto" Is it real? Is it safe?

These are questions the afflicted Venus asks herself. There are other questions too. I can’t tell you them all right now.

But I can tell that this week Venus enters Virgo and will finally get to move through the sign after a long Venus in Leo summer (12th House for me).

We need this. We need to move. We need to move on. We can’t BE in Leo anymore, I’m sorry. We cannot move through these degrees again. This is the last time, this time. Virgo here we come.

And think about it — we’ll get a Venus Jupiter conjunction. We’ll get a Venus Pluto trine. Oh we’ll get a Venus Mars conjunction as well. We need to be done with the summer. This was a summer story, your summer story.

To quote Madonna: so now what?

"venus conjunct mars" The transition from Leo to Virgo is a personal matter for you – there will be a house change and your chart prefers Leo or your chart prefers Virgo — so I can’t really generalize except to remind you of the obvious (besides my point about the summer story): that Virgo the Virgin is obsessed with service, proof, devotion and Leo is warm and fierce like the sun. Think Queen of Wands (don’t make her angry) versus the Hermit, King of the Lantern. Not that your Venus in Virgo transit has to mean solitude. Virgos have love and sex too of course. But this transit may mean a more cautious (over thinking) approach with your love (and money – which could be a good thing) or perhaps more communication and analysis. Virgo is ruled by Mercury the Messenger.

Oh. Trivia. Yesterday I was telling a friend that the word for “angel” in Hebrew as the same as “messenger.” Angels are messengers and this friend has a tattoo on his arm of an archangel. That must have been how the topic came up…