Venus Enters Libra…

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Venus in Libra

Venus  enters Libra and then what?

I used to work in offices. I hated working in offices. There were always snipey people, the office politics, air-conditioner wars (someone too hot, someone too cold), and generally the idea that your support was helping someone else but you were getting little in return. You weren’t invested.

Venus entering Libra reminds me a little bit of office life because the crowd surrounding her is harsh. She’s still at the beginning, not even one degree, but she will be pulled into relationships with Uranus, Pluto, and Saturn, whether she likes it or not. A cosmic gangbang. Poor Libra. Heh.

First up: she’s opposing Uranus. Next? A square to Pluto. And then? She’ll conjunct Saturn. And I think you’ll feel all three of these movements and how much you feel it and what happens also depends on your chart of course. Sound fun?

Venus Uranus is sudden. Sudden love, sudden money. Losses or gains. Hell, even sudden art. This aspect can be very creative and possibly lucky. Something electric in the air! Thing is though… you don’t know what’s gonna happen. Unpredictable. Freeing.

Venus Pluto? Power plays, control issues. Manipulation. Watch yourself and watch the other person. Be mindful, even guarded, but make sure that you are also acting from good intentions. These two together can be very hot and botheredjust make sure you aren’t hot and bothering someone else’s property 😉

Venus Saturn? Ah, Venus Saturn: serious love. I think she’s gonna open him up a bit as she comes around to conjunct him. She’s gonna bring him Uranian flowers and Plutonian candy and he’s gonna give her ye old sour face but watch this one especially in your chart. Find your Libra House and consider your most intimate, your most important partnership. I think you’ll see Venus Saturn issues reflected there as Venus makes her way. To marry or not to marry?

Despite my little warnings here, Venus transits to me feel fun, light, even when she’s chatting up the big guys. But I wouldn’t worry too much if I were  you. And remember, too, that Libra is a cardinal sign which means that Venus in Libra controls. She manipulates the surface to become beautiful and to inspire.

Another analogy: Think of a dinner party. The outgoing Virgo Sun will set the table. Venus will make her grand entrance. Uranus, Pluto, and Saturn will be seated and dinner is served! Hungry?

How’s your Venus these days? How’s your love life?

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